10 Essential Tips For Promoting A Private Party

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on May 25 2020

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Promoting a Private Party

Event promotion is an important part of running a successful private party. It helps you attract attendees and develop a reputation for running exciting events, which is particularly important if your

#1 - Identify Your Target Audience

If your private event is a wedding, buck’s party, anniversary, or birthday party, this step is usually straight forward. Simply create a list of all of the family members and friends who may be interested in going to the event.


However, if you are marketing a private party which is a business launch, networking function, for-profit party, or product launch — then you will need to define your target audience so you can market the event to them effectively.


Some of the characteristics to consider when defining your audience include:

• Occupation

• Average income

• Age

• Gender

• Martial status

• Education level

• Technological knowledge

• Personal preferences (music, art, clothing, style)

• Needs (special requirements for the event)

• Psychographic characteristics (motivations, reason to attend, reasons to notattend)


This information will be extremely useful as you create event branding, design invitations, decide where to promote the event, and so on.


#2 - Define The Opportunities Your Event Provides

When deciding how to promote an event, it often helps to ask “why” your event exists and what will it give to your audience? Is it a networking event that will give attendees the opportunity to form valuable businesses relationships? Or is it a rave party which is going to blow the minds of guests with a world class laser show and the UK’s best DJs?


Ideally, you should be able to identify several elements that are unique to your event. These unique elements act as a major drawcard for your event, making it more attractive to potential attendees. Highlight the key benefits of attending the event in all of your branding, invitations, marketing materials, and advertising.


#3 - Create Attention Grabbing Branding

Branding your event will make it more significant and attractive to your audience. It also makes it easier for an audience to remember details of the event and share those details with their peers. To brand your event, you will need to give it a unique:

• Name

• Logo

• Tone

• Imagery

• Colors

• Persona

• Font


This excellent articleshares many of the key aspects of event branding and is worth reading. If you need any additional event branding tips, feel free to give us a call as well.


#4 - Use Competitor Events For Inspiration

If you are stuck for ideas or have limited experience running private parties, look to your competitors for inspiration. Look at their branding, website design, invitation style, content marketing, and social media activity for ideas. You may discover several clever methods for promoting your event.

#5 - Send Invitations Early

One you have created a brand for your event and have an excellent understanding of your audience, prepare your invitations. It’s important to get your invitations out the door as early as possible, so guests become aware of the event and the ‘hype' for the event begins to build.


Send the invitations in a way that is appropriate for your audience. For formal business events targeted at older people, that might be a formal letter. If the event is a dance party, you might be better off sending invitations via email, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, or TikTok.


#6 - Promote It Heavily Online

The Internet is an absolute gold mine for promoting events. It is fast, free, and has a wide reach. There are a multitude of different approaches for promoting a private event directly to your target audience including:

• Email marketing

• Messaging Apps

• Twitter direct messages

• Facebook Events and Facebook Messenger

• Instagram Direct Messages

• Internet Forums

• Podcasts

• Instagram Stories

• Pinterest Posts

• SnapChat Lists

• Reddit Messages


Feel free to experiment online to see which methods attract the most responses.


#7 - Emphasise That The Event Is Invitation Only

Telling prospective attendees that your party is invite-only makes it feel more exclusive and can instil the fear of missing out (FOMO) in potential guests. Be sure to tell people that a limited number of people are invited and that tickets may run out.


#8 - Contact Past Attendees

If you have run a similar party before, consider contacting past attendees and letting them know about the upcoming event. If they really enjoy your events, they may become brand advocates who help you promote the event.


#9 - Work With Sponsors

If your event is high profile and important within specific industries, seek out sponsors. There may be several businesses that are willing to donate products and services in return for having their brand feature prominently at your event. These businesses will also promote the event in their own marketing material which further increases awareness of your event.


#10 - Invite Influencers

Inviting influencers is an excellent way to raise awareness of your event and promote a sense of exclusivity. Ideally, secure influencers who are somehow associated with an industry that is relevant to your party.


Thanks for reading 10 Essential Tips For Promoting A Private Party. If you require any additional tips on promoting a private party, contact us on 0207 193 8029 or via email at info@1entertainment.co.uk.