Fairy Light Hire

A very popular and affordable way to transfer the look and feel of any venue is with fairy lights and other alternative string lighting options such as festoon lights and lanterns.

Whether the venue you have to dress is a hotel, barn or a marquee or if the space available is indoors or outside we can design a look that will complement perfectly not forgetting to esure that it ties in with your overall chosen theme and look for the day.

​Fairy lights come in various forms: backdrops, table skirts, fairy light canopies, light curtains, column lights, lit draped canopies and wall dressings to name a few. 

​If you love the magical look that fairy lights give we can dress your venue with as many or few as required. It really is dependent on your individual taste and the overall look you wish to achieve.

Warm whiter, ice white or coloured option are all available depending again on your theme.

​Festoon lighting is perfect if you are focusing on a rustic, outdoor/festival type day and can be hung both indoors and outdoors depending on which area you would like to dress. Lanterns are also a great alternative lighting option and a great addition to festoon lighting!

​Contact the team today with your ideas so that we are able to discuss suggestions and options available to you.

Our Fairy Light Hire services are available across London, Essex, Surrey Kent and the South East.

For more information contact us, our friendly team are happy to help.

Fairy Light Hire

We all dream of our one big day and it is essential that it is memorable for you and your guests and can be treasured forever.

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