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Looking for wedding marquee hire for your big day? You’ve certainly arrived at the right place. However, before hiring a wedding marquee, it’s important to consider a few things such as the venue as well as the decoration, theme, budget and number of guests. A marquee for wedding can offer a lot of flexibility and freedom when it comes to celebrating your big day with style and panache.

At 1 Entertainment, if you haven’t already hand-picked a wedding venue, then we’d love to help you shortlist the right one before setting up a wedding marquee – even if it’s in the family garden. We offer wedding marques for hire of all shapes, sizes and styles.

Depending on the theme of your wedding as well as the size and shape you require, our team will first conduct a complete assessment of the wedding venue several days in advance to ensure that everything proceeds according to plan, and that any adjustments can be made ahead of time if need be.

Wedding marquees offer the ultimate in decorative style and flexibility, allowing you to go with a marquee theme that fits your wedding. With wedding marquees for hire, we believe you’re getting the best of both worlds: safely keeping everyone together in one place during those really warm or cold months and having plenty of space to enjoy the usual wedding festivities.

Hire Wedding Marquee at 1 Entertainment

Marquees bring such a unique atmosphere – you can set them up temporarily for a one-off occasion or have an entire event embodied in them for a few days. They are also very flexible – available in a variety of shapes such as L-shaped, square, long, classical, romantic or themed, allowing the soon to be husband and wide to have their unique character stamped all over the event as they desire.

Wedding marquee hires also give you the opportunity to have your very own wedding reception right in your home garden at a time that you choose.

At 1 Entertainment, we take our weddings quite seriously. Our team will ensure that your marquee can easily accommodate the required number of guests while still having enough space to let everybody move around with ease as they eat, drink, laugh and enjoy the festivities you so meticulously planned.

We pay special attention to how your wedding marquee is laid out so that it functions well along with catering requirements as well as any heating and electrical equipment that may need to be set up.

Call us now to arrange your one-of-a-kind wedding marquee and make your wedding memorable in elegant ways.