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Hire a Wedding DJ

Whether you’re planning on having a small wedding of about 50-100 guests or looking to have a huge one with well over a thousand guests – we’ll see to it that you have music and a DJ to create the right mood and keep your guests nicely entertained throughout the duration of your big day.

A wedding DJ for hire is the perfect way to add a little extra jazz and swing to your wedding, particularly if it’s an evening reception – our skilled DJ will keep your dance floor alive and kicking throughout the night, after the first ‘special’ dance has been the centre of attention, that is!

Talk to our wedding booking expert prior to your big day to discuss what kind of DJ and dance floor theme you’re looking for, or tell us what kind of music you’d like to be played throughout the day and night, and we’ll find a wedding DJ that fits the bill. The more information we have from you, the better we can supply you with your own DJ for wedding.

Why You Need a Wedding DJ for Hire

One of the most critical aspects of wedding planning is the atmosphere that is created through music. You certainly don’t want to go with your average wedding day music provider just because they offer the best rates in town.

What you want is a professional wedding DJ who has years of experience working specifically in the UK wedding industry – someone who can steer the mood of your wedding in the right direction and set the tone in a way that complements the overall theme of the wedding, and gives the guests a night to remember.

Even though some couples do opt for a wedding band at the end of the day, it doesn’t quite offer anywhere close to the entertainment value a DJ for wedding does. For instance, when you dance to that one “special song” as newlyweds, could you ever live with a striped down cover version of the song or would you rather dance to a radio-ready version edited by a professional wedding DJ?

At the end of the day, wedding bands are fine but you just don’t know what you’re going to get – whereas with a wedding DJ, you know for sure that you’ll be hearing the songs you love hearing, and they’re going to be played the way they were meant.

Our wedding DJ for hire will create a custom playlist based on your wedding music preferences and play the tunes you want before and during the ceremony, as well as throughout the reception and any special events – the way you want them to be played.

Ready to amp up your wedding dance floor? Hire a wedding DJ with us today.