50th Birthday Party

Your 50th birthday party is just around the corner and you want the most experienced corporate party organisers in Surrey and Kent to organise the event for you and your loved ones. 50th birthday party may be special for people for various reasons, and as a leading private party organiser, we understand the importance of tailoring the event to suit our customer’s personality.


50th Birthday Party Planners - Surrey and Kent


Over the years, 1 Entertainment has arranged 50th birthday parties for people all across the Surrey and Kent region. In fact, our client base includes entertainment personalities and celebrities. Irrespective of the themes you have in mind for your big day, our team will create the perfect event to help everyone have the time of their lives. Whether you want a huge event, a minimal affair or a full-out corporate bash, our professional birthday party organisers are always ready to meet your expectations. Anything you can visualise, we can realise it for you. So make sure you buckle up because we have got tons of themes and fun materials you can select from.  


An Experience Like No Other


When you have hired an experienced event planner to organise your 50th Birthday party, you’re all destined to have a good time. Having worked in various industries for over three decades, 1 Entertainment knows the pulse of clients like nobody else. Our trained planning experts can deliver the whole range of 50th party services in the Surrey and Kent region. It’s all about understanding the requirements of clients and using our imagination to put together ideas that can entertain everyone. Whether you want to organise your big event in your backyard, garden or venue, we will transform it into a memorable event. 


Corporate Party Planners 


Every corporate event we undertake has perfectly reflected the personality of customers’ unique values. With great attention to detail, our corporate party planners go that extra mile to tell your unique brand story. We also combine a diverse range of fun activities with live music and other creative options to create a lively atmosphere throughout the event. It’s the liveliness and transparency of our operations that have turned us into the most sought after corporate party planners in the Surrey region. The host of famous brands we worked with over the years is a testimony to the quality of the services we offer. Our event organisers also place tremendous stress on consistency.

Our 50th Birthday Party services are available across London, Essex, Surrey Kent and the South East.

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50th Birthday Party

We all dream of our one big day and it is essential that it is memorable for you and your guests and can be treasured forever.

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