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Illuminated Letters for Wedding

Are you planning to put up giant decorative letters for your wedding that light up in an elegant way and attract attention towards the right places? Need large wedding illuminated letters that say “Love”or “Mr & Mrs…”as a gorgeous backdrop to the wedding dance floor?

Our illuminated letter hire for wedding is just what you need – add that extra shine and glamour to your big day in unbelievable ways. The beautiful range of __ feet illuminated letter lights we offer are all handmade locally, making them a unique and exquisite feature suitable for weddings of all kinds.

Hiring decorative letters for wedding with us is simple and convenient – we’ll deliver them straight to your wedding venue and pick them up the next day so that you can completely relax and enjoy your special day. Whether you’re looking for numbers, initials, individual letters or simply words, we’ll go out of our way to add that wow factor to your wedding. Once handcrafted by our expert in-house team, we will deliver and professionally install your wedding illuminated letters, saving you plenty of time and money in the process.

Our wedding light up letters make for the perfect addition to any wedding. They are available in an array of beautiful colours to match your individual wedding theme. Simply discuss your requirements with us and we’ll take it from there. We are also happy to offer you styling advice so that you can choose wedding decorative letters that not only suit the theme of the wedding but also your individual style and preference.

Beautiful, Bespoke Decorative Letters for Wedding

Wedding light up letters and personalised initials can create a very nice first impression – something that sets the tone for the entire wedding and even paints a smile on everyone’s face.

Illuminated letters for wedding have the ability to create an amazing focal point, a pleasant distraction if you will, and even act as a personalised backdrop to the entire event. We love creating wedding backdrops and focal points, and undeniably, one of the best ways of achieving this is through decorative letters for wedding.

If you have anything special to say on your big day, say it in a truly “big” way! Our light up letters for wedding will be the talk of town for ages. And whether you’re hosting a wedding reception the way you’ve always wanted or a wedding after-party, we’ll help you light up the scene with our illuminated letters for hire – helping you say whatever it is you feel and want to say out aloud.