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We live in a digital world, where everyone is keen to see what you are doing and when it happens. With our selfie hire in London, you will instantly show everyone the fun that you are having at your event. With personalised screens and print backgrounds as well as the ability to upload content instantly to social media accounts, our selfie mirror hire is the perfect way to show everyone that you are holding the party of the year. From weddings to anniversaries, birthdays to corporate parties our team are able to help create a bespoke experience for any event hire. Got a specific theme in mind? Not a problem. Get in touch and let us work together and see how we can create a personalised package that allows your personality to shine through.


Selfie Mirror Hire in London, Kent and Surrey


What better way to get selfie-ready than with a mirror that you can hire? Selfie Mirror Hire Kent is the perfect solution for all your selfie needs. Whether it's a wedding, birthday party, anniversary or corporate event, we have mirrors available in various shapes and sizes. We also offer a range of backdrops and props so you can create the perfect photo. With our team of talented photographers who are always on hand, you'll never need to worry about not having enough lighting again! The pictures are then printed and your guests can take them away right there. It has a small footprint and is elegant in design to suit any event. If you are looking for something different that will take your wedding, party or corporate event to the next level you have definitely found it here. 


Selfie Mirror Hire Features


Here at 1 Entertainment, we offer Selfie Mirror Hire in London, Kent and Surrey. We are a professional company providing event marketing services for our clients with stunning Selfie Mirror Hires that will ensure you stand out from the rest of the competition at your next exhibition or trade show. Our selfie mirror hire is perfect for any occasion where people would like to have their pictures taken such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries etc. Our mirrors range from small square-shaped photo frames on stands to larger rectangular shaped ones which we can tailor height wise according to what best suits your requirements. In addition, they also include lighting so they work well during evening events too! The Selfie Mirror Hire Photo Booth utilises an LED light kit that produces bright white light as well as being environmentally friendly by not using any bulbs. With these features, we're able to produce high-quality images without sacrificing any time when taking photos. 


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Our Selfie Mirror hire is available from our locations in London, Kent and Surrey. We have the newest, up to date versions of the selfie mirror and it’s ready to wow you and your guests. Using the very latest camera technology, 1 Entertainment produces high-quality, high-resolution images and has a ton of fun features that can be enjoyed by adults and children alike.

Our Selfie Mirror Hire services are available across London, Essex, Surrey Kent and the South East.

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Selfie Mirror Hire

We all dream of our one big day and it is essential that it is memorable for you and your guests and can be treasured forever.

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