Coconut Shy Hire

Coconut shy is a game where you have to throw balls at coconuts balanced on top of sticks. It's a classic British pub pastime for people of all ages and can be hired from 1 Entertainment, the leading Uk-based corporate event management company. We provide entertainment for all kinds of events and occasions. We offer everything from traditional games such as indoor golf to other more modern activities like coconut shy hire in Surrey or Kent. Our team of experienced professionals will work with you to create the perfect experience for your next event, whatever it may be! 


If you're looking for coconut shy hire in Surrey or Kent, look no further than 1 Entertainment!

Coconut Shy Hire services - Surrey and Kent

1 Entertainment is a leading UK-based corporate event management company with a wide range of services. 1 Entertainment offers Coconut Shy Hire in Surrey and Kent for your next family day out, school sports day or charity fundraiser. Our coconut shy hire service can be tailored to suit any size event, from small children's parties to large-scale events such as WI shows and agricultural festivals. We are able to provide an expert operator who will ensure that your evening's entertainment runs smoothly and efficiently. We can also supply the necessary equipment for your event so you don't need to worry about anything other than enjoying yourself with friends or colleagues. 

With over twenty years of experience in the entertainment industry, you can rely on 1 Entertainment to provide you with an excellent service that will not disappoint!   

Our Coconut Shy Hire services are available across London, Essex, Surrey, Kent and the South East.

1 Entertainment offers an amazing range of games and activities for your next team building day or children's party including the trusty coconut shy. The game can be played by one person against another, or with teams of friends - the idea is to knock down as many coconuts as possible using a ball from close range. The player who knocks down all their coconuts first wins, so it's great for competitive play too!

Coconut shies are available in sizes suitable for kids parties and adults alike - there are even giant coconut shies which will make any party-goers feel like royalty.


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The UK has many event management companies, but 1 Entertainment is the leading company in this field. They have a team of experienced professionals who provide top quality services for any type of event, from large-scale conferences to small corporate events. One of their most popular and unique service offerings is coconut shy hire, which they offer across Surrey and Kent. Coconut Shy is a fun game that has been around for a long time. Having this at your event can make it even more enjoyable and memorable, so if you're wondering where to hire Coconut Shy in Surrey or Kent, then 1 Entertainment are the people to call.

Our Coconut Shy Hire services are available across London, Essex, Surrey Kent and the South East.

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Coconut Shy Hire

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