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Sweet Elegance with Chocolate Fountain Hire

Chocolate fountains have now become a staple at weddings. They not only make for a delicious food source but also offer additional entertainment, encourage conversation, and happen to be an excellent focal point when there’s little else to do.

Our bespoke wedding chocolate fountain is made and presented on a lovely illuminated base, creating an absolutely stunning centrepiece, flowing with mouth-watering chocolate – allowing your guests to feast away throughout the evening.

There’s no need to worry if your wedding budget is a little tight. We can assure you there is a wedding chocolate fountain package that can comply with your budget. Don’t be surprised when you get rave reviews and praises from the guests about our high quality chocolate.

Hiring a custom-made wedding chocolate fountain is a great way to round off your big day. Just imagine all the guests congregating around the fountain discussing the wedding day’s events, while sampling the most amazing melted chocolate – ahh, perfect!

Many wedding couples choose to hire a chocolate fountain for the evening reception specifically as it ensures that everybody gets to enjoy happy hour – courtesy of the luxuriously tantalising chocolate – and not just those who turned up during the day.

Hire Chocolate Fountain for Wedding – One More Reason to Celebrate

We can have your chocolate fountain flowing for up to three hours. However, we can always try to go over three hours if you like – although at the same time, we need to stay in accordance with food hygiene legislation which limits the amount of time food can be kept at room temperature. Luckily, we also supply wedding air conditioning so if you need your wedding chocolate fountain to stay out for more than a few hours, we can certainly help.

Once you hire a chocolate fountain with us, we will supply you with one of our highly friendly uniformed attendant who will greet your guests with a genuine smile, while serving them the finest chocolate. A major advantage of our attendant serving your guests is that no one will have to pick things up using their bare fingers, which may introduce hygiene issues. Besides, some guests may not be familiar with chocolate fountains, and might end up accidentally splashing some of that lovely melted chocolate onto their expensive clothes.

With that said, we do understand that there are certain guests who like to do it all themselves, in which case, our friendly and courteous attendant will quickly show them how it’s properly done and then take a backseat!

With nearly two decades in the wedding entertainment hire industry, we know exactly how to make your big day memorable – with amazing melted chocolate.