Selecting the Right Marquee: How to Pick the Best Quote

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Dec 04 2021

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Marquees are one of the best options for a wide array of events and occasions that involve catering to a large number of guests. If you’ve decided to hire marquee venues in London, you might have been gathering multiple quotes and going through many types you can choose from until you settle with only one. 

As you’re trying to decide the best marquee for your event, there are some pointers you should think about to ensure you make the right decision. Here are some information and tips you should know to throw a successful event. 


1. Get Ready with All the Details

Before partnering with any marquee provider, you have to ensure that you are vocal with all the details of your event. Marquees are not just tents—they are a key component of your party, so you have to make sure that you do it right.

Here are some key details to prepare so you can get the most accurate quote:

  • The number of expected attendees
  • Seated or standing setup
  • Space for a dancefloor, band, or DJ
  • The type and theme of the event
  • Caterers and dining setup
  • Grass or hard-standing floors
  • Toilets


2. Go Through the Quotes and Understand Them 

Once you lay out all the details, you’d probably receive the quotes. Now it’s time to go through every single one of them. Get ready to make notes, especially with the inclusions. If you can, compare the pricing details of each offering and try to go through the reasons why pricing might be different with every provider.

For instance, the most affordable option might be cheap marquee material, or the poles they use are not the best quality. You should also beware of hidden charges and surprise add-ons, as you may go for an affordable price but still choose the most expensive one in the end.


3. Determine the Variations between Marquee Quotes

Getting marquee hires is like organising an event with a blank slate. There are so many styles to choose from that quotes vary from one supplier to another. Prices can differ from how they set up the structures, the kind of poles they use, and their overall quality. 

Plus, you can also factor in the experience of the company. The more skilled and reputable your providers are, the higher you can expect the price tag to be. 


4. Ensure You Arrange a Site Visit

After choosing the marquee provider, make sure you’ll arrange a site visit. That way, the team can go through the space you want to put your marquee. 

They will measure out the space for you so you’ll get the positioning just right. Since they are experts, you will also receive advice on the suitable placements, layouts, and design options to make your event a sure success.


Final Thoughts

With any part of your event management, you must run through the best quotes before picking out the right marquee. There are a lot of factors to consider, and going through them can guide you towards obtaining the best choice.

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