Fun Ideas to Celebrate Your Wedding a Step Back in Time

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Jul 25 2021

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People adore contemporary weddings for their clean lines and simplicity, but there's something about a vintage wedding that makes us swoon. Maybe it's because there are so many different styles to draw inspiration from for your event-theming process.


There are many ways to incorporate a historic occasion into your wedding. We've put together some vintage wedding ideas to help you take your guests a step back in time on your special day.


Go for the Gold!


An invitation suite with botanical illustrations in a dusty gold tint evokes an attractive wallpaper design, and a deckled edge softens the effect. 


Make Use of Calligraphy


When it comes to evoking a retro vibe, beautiful calligraphy goes a long way. With some scrawling script, stamp all of your paper items, including the invitation suite.


Combine the Old and the New


With long sleeves and a high collar, this fashion designer's guipure lace gown pays homage to the Victorian era, while a sheath silhouette adds a more modern touch. Strappy sandals go well with them, too—the right mix of old and new.


Hire a Vintage Car


Make something out of an old automobile! You can ride in a 1971 Rolls Royce when going to the church, dressed to the nines in Oscar de la Renta.


Showcase Your Family's Heirloom Jewellery


Make sure to photograph the distinctive stones in your engagement ring, whether it's an antique or you're borrowing valuable jewels as your "something old" or "something borrowed." Each piece is part of your wedding story since you choose to wear it for a purpose.


Put on a Juliet Veil


Its cloche-style top and trailing tulle distinguish a Juliet veil. For a glam 1920s appearance, pair it with a silver-embroidered gown with pearl details and cap sleeves.


Carry a Bouquet of Wildflowers


In a flurry of purples, yellows, and pinks, a bouquet of wildflowers comes to life. For some 1960s vibes, it makes a laid-back, bohemian group.


Get a Candy Cart to Evoke a Sense of Nostalgia


Smell, taste, and touch are potent elicitors of nostalgia and aid in illuminating our emotions. A gorgeous candy cart display filled with all of your favourite childhood goodies can help your guests feel nostalgic.

We all have fond memories of sweets and delicacies from our youth. We all recall going up to the store to buy sweets like jelly babies, blackjacks, fruit salads, jelly beans, effervescent cola bottles, milk teeth, bonbons, and cola dummies. A retro candy cart display might serve to elicit positive emotions and lift your guests' spirits.

Why not try a candy cart for your wedding or special event if you want to generate sentiments of nostalgia among your guests?


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