Summer Corporate Event Ideas

By Amanda | 1 Entertainment on Mar 27 2019

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Corporate Event Ideas for the Summer | 1 Entertainment

A list of great themes for your corporate event this summer!

The end-of-the-financial-year mania is drawing to a close, and now that you’ve had a chance to recover from the excitement of it might be time to plan the summer corporate event! You could technically go to a rooftop bar for cocktails, which would be a very classy and elegant affair of course. Alternatively, you could go for something with just a teensy bit more...pizazz. A bit of extra sass if you will…

Keep reading for some really cool and creative themes for your summer corporate event. Grab your writing pad, a mug of your favourite fruit tea and let’s begin!

British Beach Bonanza

Perfect For: An Afternoon of Really British Office Fun


Think deck chairs, ice creams, chip butties, inflatable balls, Punch and Judy? No, maybe not...

Everybody loves a beach party, but city lifestyles aren’t known for their beachy qualities. So why not bring the beach to the event! I appreciate that the sand might be a bit of a challenge but you can more than compensate by maybe adding a volleyball net to get in the mood. A beach themed bar and some extra refreshing cocktails will get you and your colleagues straight into that summer swing...

Chip Butty anyone?

Hula Hawaiian 

Perfect For: Offices That Aren’t Afraid of an Outrageous Shirt

Summer Party

A slightly different take from a British beach vibe. We’re thinking loud, printed shirts that you’d only feel comfortable wearing in Hawaii, cocktails with umbrellas, floral headbands and necklaces...a tribute to one of the most summer ready cultures in the world. Remember the fun forever by taking those pics in the photo booth beach hut with everyone looking fab!

The Reggae Island Vibes

Perfect For: A Chilled out Year End Celebration


Picture it. Great food, feel-good tunes, bright colours and a perfect way to let off steam with all your workmates. Let those Caribbean carnival vibes seep into your soul for an afternoon and make sure the rum punch, jerk chicken and rice an’ peas are keeping everybody upbeat. Steel bands will bring the Caribbean sunshine right to you. Feel free to read that in a Jamaican accent…

Ibiza Madness

Perfect For: Launch Events


If your office loves a party and the energy of the Ibiza party scene, then this could be the perfect theme for you. The DJ takes centre stage and all that’s left is for everyone to get hyped for the best party event ever! Sit back and watch your colleagues bust their best dance moves. As a side note: this theme is super versatile. Add it to your rooftop bar plans with ease, or go the whole way and move your corporate event onto a boat either on the Thames, or the Mediterranean…

Alice in Wonderland - The Mad Hatters Tea Party

Perfect For: An Office Getaway in the Countryside or a Marquee Event

Set up the tea party in the marquee and the outside card games in the sunshine for this Alice in Wonderland extravaganza. This theme can be as creative as you like and I guarantee it’ll be one to remember. Add a mobile bar and it won’t be long before you’re asking “Who in the world am I? Ah, that’s the great puzzle!” just like Alice 😉

A Secret Garden

Perfect for: A low-key invitation-only event

A Secret Garden party is perfect for making clients and colleagues feel super special. Whisk everybody away to a little garden paradise to sip cool beverages and detach from the hustle and bustle of life. The video is set in a tropical place but make it your own wherever you are!

A White Party

Perfect For: A Sophisticated Soiree That Makes a Statement

White parties, black parties, blue parties...Thank your colleagues and clients with a beautiful monochrome corporate event that draws everybody together. The pictures will look amazing and the colour choice is completely up to you. You could have the colour theme running throughout the whole event; decorations, drinks and even food. Make this theme your own; it can be as crazy or as suave as you like.

A British Street Party

Perfect for: Launch Party Event or Community Outreach 

We love a street party! Get that bunting out! Bring out those sandwiches! Get those flags up! Set up the big long table! You could get so extra with this theme as you celebrate all things British. A perfect way to get everybody around the same table bonding over cherry bakewell tarts, tea, jam sandwiches and a good old sausage roll. To weather proof it, set up a glorious marquee for a street party that'll be a blast whatever the weather. Even the folks in Dubai can’t get enough! 

Arabian Nights

Perfect For: A Decadent Summer Event

Rich colours, embroidered floor cushions, drapes of golden lights, mysterious belly dancers...a royal theme for a decadent corporate event. You could pull this off in a marquee or find an accommodating venue to transform. Make this as low key or as outrageous as you's a whole new world! 😉

A Summer Festival

Perfect For: A Music Centred Event or Corporate Charity Event


Get that glitter on your face, those feathers in your hair, and your band t-shirts on! This is going to be a whirlwind of a summer event. Find a spare field, get permission from the council and get that stage popping with the best DJs and live bands. Make it an adult event or make it completely family friendly with food, merriment and fun for all ages. If the kids are invited, get those face paints out, that bouncy castle booked and the ice cream man in a van!


50's Rock'N'Roll

Perfect for: Product Launch


The 50's Rock'N'Roll theme can go in so many different directions. Incorporate that diner vibe, motorbikes, pretty dresses and even a fun fair! What about an outdoor cinema? For food, I'm thinking old school milkshakes, ice cream sundaes and burgers and fries! This will be perfect for launching new corporate campaigns and new products in an upbeat, colourful way.

Glow in the Dark Party

Perfect For: An After Work Party or Client Event!


Continue the club vibes and glow up for a UV Glow in the Dark’ll take you right back to your university days. Is that a good thing? Nobody knows... Get that music pumping and the glow in the dark sunglasses for an epic corporate event that’s filled with colour and fun. 

Ninja Warrior

Perfect For: A Team Building Event!

If you work for a company that loves a team building retreat, why not commemorate the occasion by having a Ninja Warrior corporate event. Release your inner kid and do an inflatable obstacle course! It's a fantastic way to bring teams closer together outside of a work setting. Perfect if the office is full of active people!

Use this list as your starting point to pull together all your ideas for a perfect corporate event this summer. If you need anything from us here at 1 Entertainment, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Have a great day and a wonderful summer event!