20 Amazing Themes For Your Office Christmas Party

By Amanda | 1 Entertainment on Aug 12 2019

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Christmas Party Themes

Make your office party the best one yet!

It’s never too early to start thinking about the office Christmas party! After a long year, it’s normal to be excited about letting your hair down and celebrating the festive season with your esteemed colleagues. If you are about to be on the planning committee to make this year’s party the best one yet, then keep reading. We’re going to be looking at some of the best Christmas Party themes ever!


Let’s get to it!


1. Game of Thrones


For all you die-hard fans out there, a Game of Thrones-themed Christmas party could be absolutely epic. The decor, the costumes...channel your inner warrior and get your office excited to emulate the kick-ass characters they know and love.


2. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


A theme that screams playful decadence. Turn a venue into a chocolate centred fantasyland. Give everything that Christmas sparkle with bright colours, golden tickets and wacky decorations.


3. Ru Paul’s Drag Race


Yaaaaaaas Queen! Bring all the glitz and glamour to your super extra Christmas office party. The outfits, the makeup and the stunning creativity are sure to get the whole office excited.


4. Marvel-verse Party


A Christmas party where everyone has the opportunity to pay homage to their favourite superheroes. Get your team together and arrive en-masse as The Avengers. Finance will never mess with you again! You can do something similar with DC Comic Superheroes...or merge the two. I’m pretty sure nobody will mind...right?


5. The Great Gatsby

Extravagance is the word of the day with this theme as you bring the exuberance of the ‘Roaring Twenties’ into the party. Flapper dresses, sharp suits and endless champagne...alright you’re on a budget so Prosecco then. And maybe not endless...okay one glass each...


6. Casino Royale

The edgy elegance of James Bond meets the casino for a night of fun at the betting tables. Get the games How lucky are you feeling?


7. Winter Wonderland

Turn your office party into a winter-themed paradise and be as boujee as the budget allows. Blue lights, snowflakes, Elsa costumes...NO we won’t do that...Ice Sculpture anyone?


8. Masquerade…

...Paper faces on parade! Have your Office Christmas party shrouded in mystery and intrigue as all your colleagues put on their masks for the most classy affair.


9. The Oscars

Get that party dress dry cleaned and dust off those tuxedos - it’s awards night at your office Christmas party! Pull out all the stops and roll out that red carpet...you’re the celebrity guests of honour tonight!


10. Toga Party

Everyone has costume materials for this. Grab that bedsheet, rip your nan’s net curtains down and get that thing knotted round your fabulous self! Decorate your venue with Roman pillars, wreaths and gold leaf for a brilliant evening.


11. Ugly Christmas Jumper Party

Ugly Christmas jumpers are becoming tradition for offices and families alike. How ugly can your office go? Get people excited to wear a Christmas pudding jumper with pride or a jumper with L.E.D lights...oh and don’t forget a jumper for the office dog please!


12. Murder Mystery

Whodunnit?? Find out during your brilliant murder mystery party. You always knew the folks in marketing were pretty dodgy...


13. Harry Potter

 “It’s pronounced Levi-OH-sa...not levio-saaaaaah…” Let’s face it...everyone wanted to spend their Christmas at Hogwarts with refillable...everything. Choose your house and get those house colours ready for a magically fun Christmas party!


14. Retro Games Party

Pac-Man, Tetris, Space Invaders, Donkey Kong, pinball machines...set up the gameathon of the year for a different take on a Christmas Office Soiree. Alternatively, you could turn this into a fancy dress theme...which would be highly entertaining!


15. Moulin Rouge

It’s sexy, it’s wild, and the corsetry is incredible. Shine like Satine in this tribute to the Parisian night time establishments!


16. The Nutcracker Christmas

Be a Sugar Plum Fairy or a Nutcracker King for an artistic Christmas theme this year. Create the Land of Sweets in an extravagant, fantasy-filled affair.


17. The Nightmare Before Christmas

Perfect for the office that is not afraid of the macabre! Visually striking, romantic and a little bit edgy all at once, this alternative theme will be a talking point for years!


18. Santa’s Grotto

Notice how they only do Santa’s Grottos for kids? We know you’re secretly jel that it’s not for adults but...it may be time to change that this Christmas! Create the ultimate Santa’s grotto for your office party this year...sorry kids...the one in the local shopping centre is for you and this one’s for us adults ;-)


19. Ugly Pyjama Party!


This is not slinky pyjama time. We’re talking flannelette pyjamas with My Little Pony or Christmas Frogs printed on them. To decorate the venue, comfy pillows need to be everywhere and make sure there’s plenty of snacks...you know the kind of snacks we mean. The good stuff you only got at sleepovers when you were a kid!


20. Origami Party Theme

Origami Themed Parties have the potential to be a naturally beautiful theme for a Christmas party. Infinite colour options and decoration ideas that run through every aspect of the party will make this a really fun, interactive party. Don’t forget to recycle all the paper when you’re done!


With all these amazing themes to choose from, your office is going to have the best party yet!