1 Entertainment's Top 10 Wedding Tips

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Apr 04 2016

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With your wedding day being the most important day of your life, our team always look to give our brides some top tips in order to make things slightly easier and less stress full. Below are some key tips to help you on the way..........

1) Timeline
How much time do you have? Your exact date will probably be narrowed down by your choice of location but having a general time frame sets the scene for the rest to follow.

2) Location
Do you know if you are envisioning a  traditional church, mountain top or a beachfront  destination wedding ? Is your dream a huge production or an intimate guest list of close family and friends? The answers WILL help you determine the location.

3) Budget
Who is paying for what? I'm afraid Fairy Godmothers  who can wave their wands are in short supply so while  your wedding may have  a  very long' wish list' a wallet that can cover the wishes must exist.

4) Guests
Who do you  REALLY want to be there? Managing a growing guest list is daunting. Location and budget will usually guide you as to how many guests to invite. Perhaps an elopement may be an option here?

5) Religion
Do you want a religious ceremony? For most couples this will be a definite yes or no depending on their background and traditions. Many couples although not religious wish to incorporate a spiritual component.

6) Attire
What is your personal style?  Of course it's very exciting to browse at all the weddings gowns and decor in glossy magazines for inspiration but ultimately it depends on  where you decide to get married (location) and  how much money you are willing to spend? (budget).

7) Colours
What colours do you love?  The season you decide to marry will help you decide.  Do you want   'your look 'to create drama, contemporary, co -ordinated  or the  all one colour palette  option?

8) Vows
What do you want to say to each other?   After all said and done this is really the main part of getting married and personal vows  enhance any wedding ceremony.

9) Picture perfect
This  is I believe to be one of your most important choices so know what you are looking for and pay a deposit as soon as possible to book the photographer of your choice. Cake is consumed and flowers fade but photographs last forever.

10) Don't panic
Remember your wedding day and planning it is a means to an end. Choosing and being chosen to have a life long partnership is the priority never to be lost sight of when things may get a little busy.